Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcoming the Night - Poem

I wrote this while listening to Florence & the Machine "Shake it out"

 "Sitting here as the night passes me by. With but the deepest of my thoughts at my side. Should we reach out for those things that could be? Do we dream the dreams of a child's scene? Would my own thoughts welcome me, if they had better choice of company? Yet the night flows around. This dark draped curtain on open ground. Now I sit to bleed out the crevices of my mind. The sweet song played between these screams of pain. What of the things that may not be? Would you show up to the show and see? Would you dance along with the spectacle that is me? Let the sun fade forever again. Let the promises of tomorrow be found wanting and drained. I sit here in joined by the darkness of my mind. In this empty place as the night passes by. Considering the peaceful shadows I played with as a child. We talk of days that could have been. Who would be king when the blood has dried? Would he wipe the tears of a crying child? What of it all when all we have is all that would have been? When all that we've had is what has never been? Would you be a friend to me? I stand on the cusp of that which will come to pass. Eager to see what will stay or leave. Not with thoughts of what could have been. Rather the realisation of who we will prove to be. So I sit welcoming the night and all the thoughts that hold on to me."

 Thanks for reading. Good night.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Fall 2012 Special Offers With the Fall Shopping season upon us, many are looking for a fun and unique gift idea for loved ones. Nothing is more fun or unique than a custom piece of art, even more an illustration of them in a personalized setting, or as their favorite fictional character! Whether its drawing your Dad as Superman, your Sister as Wonder Woman, perhaps your Brother is a huge sports fan, and you want him drawn dressed to play for his favorite team, or maybe you want a custom original illustration that doesn’t involve a likeness but is one that you know the recipient will love, even if the recipient is you, the only limits are your imagination! If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, please let me know. Below are price and package options offered: Sales are final, orders do require reference photos if a likeness is needed, payments can be processed in cash, check, or credit card. Paypal is also available if preferred. Each package includes a large, featured print, and smaller photo prints to share with family/friends if desired.

8x10 – Full color Photo package - $80 - Up to 2 people - Print package includes one 8x10 photo along with 5 standard sized photos.

11x17 – Poster/Photo package - $100 - Up to 2 people - Print package includes one 11x17 full color mini-poster, one 8x10, and 5 standard sized photos.

9x12 – Original Black & White Sketch - $20 - Up to 2 people - Original Illustration will be mailed out.

Note: Shipping & Tax are included in these prices. Where it says “Up to 2 people”, People refers the subjects or main focuses of the illustration. This could be Portraits of actual people, pets, fictional people or characters, even individuals from history, whatever your piece calls for as the focus.

ALL Orders received and paid for by Oct. 8th will be shipped out by December 15th, 2012. Orders received after Oct. 8th will have a 4 to 6 week turnaround time.

Select your Special
Portrait Illustration
Illustration of a Mothers two sons at ages 3 and 1 year old.

The Midnight Raider #1 Pre-Order offer

"Reid Liston is a young man at the top of his game. Captain, and Quarterback for his high school football team, along with a part time job at a local Grill & Bar, everything is looking up for Reid. That is, until mysterious situations begin happening around him that all seem to point to a dark family secret. Now Reid is faced with confronting his family's secret past, while also coming face to face with a dangerous truth of his own: Someone is trying to kill him."

Release date: October 6th, 2012
"Sins of the Father, Sojourn of the Son" part 1 of 4
Written by: Kat Hary
Art by: Anthony Hary
Lettering by: Meghan Wright
24 pages of story
Full Color Cover & Interiors

Pre-Order will ship out on release of the book and will include a FREE Sketch card featuring a character from The Midnight Raider!!!
The Midnight Raider - Copyright 2012 Anthony Hary Entertainment.
Created by Kat Hary, Richard Evans, and Anthony Hary. Published through A.N.A Comics.
Use below link to Pre-Order:

note: If you donated to the IndyGOGO campaign, your incentives are also being completed and will ship shortly.



New Commission prices!

Decided to do something different going forward. In past years commission pricing varied based on what was ordered, how many characters where involved, and so on.

This all changes now!!

Going forward ordering commissions are as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Step 1 - Decide what type of illustration you would like: Your favorite Hero/Villain, You or a Loved one as their favorite character, or perhaps you have an original character or an RPG character you designed that you would like illustrated. It can be one character, it can be 14, all that matters is you knowing what you want and communicating that to me.

Step 2Decide if you want a Physical or Digital Commission: This is important because if you just would like a high resolution digital scan of your commission you can have that and save yourself shipping costs. (Note: Orders from outside the USA/Canada can only be Digital Orders) If you choose to have a Physical Commission, your commission will be mailed to you upon completion via US postal service. Shipping adds an additional fee to your order. (USA/Canada order only)

Step 3Decide if you would like your illustration in color or Black/White:

Black/White Commissions are illustrated on Bristol board, in pencil and or ink. $150 per commission, no matter how many characters or what you order. (Examples of Illustrations drawn by Anthony Hary)

Choose Shipping Option

Color Commissions are also illustrated on Bristol, then colored digitally. For those who choose physical orders, you will receive all physical art, including photo prints of your colored art work, and also be emailed the digital high resolution file for your own use. $300 per commission, no matter how many characters or what you order. (Examples of Illustrations colored by Anthony Hary)

Choose Shipping Option

All commissions range from 9x12 to 11x17 inches in size. All sales are final. Private commissions only, Logo designs, Graphic design, or other commercial work is not included in pricing.  


Now that you have all three steps covered, what would you like made for you today?


I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to use the paypal.com links above to place your order with a credit card, or email Anthony(at)anacomics.com for information on paying with Check/Money Order. Once your order is placed you will receive a follow up email confirming your order.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thoughts for a Monday


Today I was hit with some thoughts as I enter into the busiest 90 days of my creative career, and I posted the cliff notes, you may have seen them on Twitter or my Facebook fan club page, but here are my full thoughts… if you would suffer to read them.

I'm a Creator, a Storyteller. As much as I do hope you like my work, in truth I do what I do because I like it. If I didn't I wouldn't do it. I only work on projects I like. I don’t go out and take any project just for the pay check, and I know that choice limits my financial success as an artist. I view my work as a whole, and as a brand. Its important to me that when someone picks up a book with my name on it that they can have confidence in the consistency and quality of the product they will enjoy inside. Perhaps it’s the jaded child of 90’s comic books that did it to me. Regardless of the reason, there are certain ‘rules’ you could say, or ‘terms’ that I will do my best to always stick to in my creative career. These things are as important now as they will ever be, because now is the time I set my foundation, and its only on limited time. Something I hope to change.

I work 40+ hours a week at my day job; I put in easy 20+ hours into A.N.A Comics per week. I hope to reverse that by end of 2012. In August of 2011 I gave myself a 12 month goal to be at a point by August 2012 that working full time is not something I HAVE to do. Meaning I want to be making enough money from creative projects so that I could consider reducing my schedule down to a part time position or even now day job at all. It’s a goal, it may or may not happen. That reality has zero impact on the level of effort I am putting into reaching this goal.

My goals will be reached, not on the shoulders of others, but due to the hard work, sacrifice and sweat that I put in to it. I make this statement because of recent current events. Accusations of publishers stiffing their creators, or even other creators not sharing the wealth as it were with their fellow creators on a project. I won’t ever be that guy, not as a co-creator, or as the head of a company. It’s for that exact reason that I say so often that with me, and especially at A.N.A Comics, people don’t work FOR us, people work WITH us. I won’t carry someone to the finish line, but I will help them as much as I can, provided they put in all they have to at least meet me half way. I believe the farmers mentality works best. You put in the hard work, you reap the best crops.

A.N.A Comics is designed to foster opportunity, everyone has an equal shot at success, me, you, anyone. It is about who works for it. My effort is to make A.N.A Comics run and operate on as little funds as possible. Why? So that the profits that are made have a greater potential to be distributed back towards the creators who make the products we sell. Costs have to be covered. Printing books, and producing other products has to be paid for, and on a logistics side someone has to be paid to help make that happen, so those things are taken from profits first and 95% of whatever is remaining goes to the creator. The industry is always changing and growing, and as that happens A.N.A Comics will need to change and grow also. No matter how that plays out, the strongest effort will be maintained at keeping things designed to give creators who work with us the best benefit we can.

These aren't pretty words, & fluffy statements. You want success, you earn success. No one is funding my work. I do it. Since 2004 I have brought new work & new products to every show I do, WHY? Because the fans deserve it, & I deserve it. A.N.A Comics only started in 2009, and even since co-founding the company, it hasn’t paid for my projects. In fact the money I make at shows or from direct sales is what pays for A.N.A Comics. That is how the website is paid for, the charity books, and other efforts we have done. For myself, Adrian, Nicholas, and Rod, A.N.A Comics hasn’t paid for our projects, but we invest in A.N.A Comics to keep it going and make it grow because we believe in what we’re doing!

Even more than that, over the last 10 years, I've helped PROFESSIONALS to print sketchbooks, & maximize their Con experience. These are guys who make a living doing what I hope to make a living doing. I helped them out, shared my knowledge and time FOR FREE. I didn’t ask for compensation, credit, or special consideration. Heck, I have helped guys who after I help them, they have gone on to do other things and we lost touch with each other. So it wasn’t even done for some lasting friendship. I do it because I love this business.

I've watched people more talented than me make excuses & get burned out on this business. Why? Stick together, stay united. There is so much competition, when really we could have greater success if we joined together and worked together. It would not be an easy thing to do. Not all creators can wear multiple hats. Some cannot think from a business stand point, others can’t stand to not be in full control of their project every step of the way. For those who can work as a team, work together, embrace that, and foster it so that we can build the industry of comic books and graphic novels to a level never before enjoyed.

What I say isn't designed to sound nice, its what I believe. I believe in independent creator owned comics, I believe in stories first. I believe story comes before art, before writing, before coloring or lettering. Story is the full concept, the scope, it is what makes us love the property. From there you match up the best writing style, art style, color style and lettering. Story always comes first, and if we make a choice that is not in service to the story, then it is by definition a disservice to the story and to ourselves as creators and our fans.

If you are an Indy Creator & can’t grasp the concept of people having to like YOU as much as your product, learn it. Be genuine & kind. This really shouldn’t need any greater explanation but here it goes. When it comes to opinions, I have a lot of them, all at the ready to share with you. I’m opinionated, and from experience I have learned that, especially in this world of typed and text based conversations, opinions can more often than not cause harm and upset others. So I had to learn the hard way to govern the sharing of those opinions and to keep my statements productive, and positive. But why? Because as an independent creator, my name is synonymous with my work, and as much as I can avoid it I would like both to have a positive opinion connected to it. After all the hours we put into our projects it would suck of people didn’t’ even give it a chance because of something I said. If people think of me as “That angry prick who complains and insults people all the time”, why would they support my projects? They would have no reason to. Even more than that, it only takes ONE incident to create that reputation, and it could be completely false. But it won’t matter. So keep your head up, your mouth in check and focus on the work. By all means have opinions, I do, but think a bit before saying them to others or publically like this on the internet… oh boy.

If your goal is to just get paid, submit to DC/Marvel. If your goal is to create & be rewarded for your hard work, please stay Independent. – Why do I say that? Let’s use Image comics as an example. When you make a book for Image comics, THEY DON’T PAY YOU TO DO THE WORK. You will however get paid based on the success of your book. It’s a great set up that has been working good for them for 20 years now. Most people don’t like it. They think “Hey, I put in 8+ hours on this page, I should be paid for it NOW.” And that is great, but if you want to be paid for your work and not on whether your book sells, you need to be hired by a corporation, a publisher. Don’t get me wrong on this one. Go get hired by DC, Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, Aspen, Top Cow, whoever because it would be awesome. I would like to do some work for those guys down the line. Absolutely! My point is there are two primary sides to making comic books. Know which one you are on, and put in your 100% while you’re there. If you don’t really want to be there, be honest about that. Reassess your position and don’t screw it up for those who are happy where they are.

Maybe it’s just pointless to say this stuff. Facts are facts. I want to succeed. I want you to succeed. We can do it together. I'm a Creator, a Storyteller, I don’t settle for anything less than my best work. I push myself, believe in myself, I will succeed. I post what I do, my thoughts, what I have learned in this industry for one simple reason; I want you to succeed also. And if what I know can help you get what you want faster, do it!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Updates 01.19.2012

PROJECT UPDATE – THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER: Revisions were needed for issue 1 and with those complete we are rescanning in all the pages, then its off to be re-lettered and colored for final production. Once the pages for issue 1 are all colored and lettered we will first be printing the Exclusive IndieGOGO edition for those awesome few to donated to our campaign and helped us reach this point in our j...ourney. After that The Midnight Raider issue 1 will release digitally through anacomics.com and other outlets, with the print edition of the book scheduled for release this summer.

Layouts for issue 2 are complete, and final pencil work has begun. The goal is to have a special Midnight Edition release in May, similar to how we released issue 1 before. Once that happens, the book will move along in the production process to be colored and art on the third book will begin.

We want to thank again all who have supported this project from the beginning! The Midnight Raider is coming and volume 2 is currently being plotted out. We are confident this will prove to be well worth the wait!

THOUGHTS ON GROUP FUNDING: I’ve used both Kickstarter and IndieGOGO for group funding campaigns, and with recent conversations I’ve seen people having I thought I would share some thoughts I have on the topic.

First off I want to say that it is worth trying. More than anything it doesn’t cost you anything to try, specifically with Kickstarter. Group funding provides us as creators with a platform to basically poll our target audience and test the waters before taking to many decisive actions. But does it work? Will it help you? And Whats the catch?

First it is important to know the general differences between Kickstarter and IndieGOGO, for the specifics please take the time to read through their websites. Biggest difference is that Kickstarter is an all or nothing pledge based situation, and IndieGOGO is a donation based program. How this impacts you up front is in your incentives. With Kickstarter you can plan with the understanding that your incentives are only filled after your goal is reached, yet with IndieGOGO you can only get one donation but you have to be prepaired to fulfill the incentive because you receive the money from each donation received.

As far as I know there is no sure way to success beyond knowing or having access to enough people who are willing to donate the minimum amount, helping your reach your goal. To a certain extent many people feel a rush a vulnerability when they put themselves out there, and when you don’t meet your goal it can sting. My greatest piece of advice would be to have at least 75-80% of your project complete before ever starting your campaign. This does two strong things for you. First it puts you in a position of confidence being able to say to your would be backers that you are already that close to completion. This allows them to donate with more confidence, trusting that in a short span of time the product they just pledged to support will be available for enjoyment. This confidense will hopefully also lead to more frequent donations and you reaching your goal sooner. Second, having that much of your project completed, should your funding goals be reached it will be easier to set aside the time to fulfill all the incentives you’ll likely have.

Its good to know your timelines. Which many times will require asking for input from other, but the knowlegde is invaluable. Having this info will allow you to accurately communicate with your supporters. My first campaign was for a graphic novel, it failed. Which part of me believes is because of the long timeline remaining on the project. So when I did my second campaign it was on a much shorter timeline, yet I had another lesson to learn also about timelines.

Being so accustume to my own side of the process I didn’t accurately take into the account of the other parties involved in the production of the project. On top of that we only raised $565, which is nothing compaired to what it costs to produce a full comic book. Thankfully the creators involved are all contributing their talents at no charge, however since this is not a paying gig, its also can not supercede their need to complete paying work. Its all a test in patience and keeping oneself focussed on the tasks at hand.

Would having raised a larger amount impacted the time lines of things? Yes. If a surplus was collected than a small amount could have been used to pay for assistance. This did not happen for me, so we are having to make due.

The benefit of this information for you is that you might learn from my mistakes. Hopefully group funding, though overly saturated by some opinions, could continue to help support independent comic book creators and help all of us get our stories out there!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

As We Go Into 2012

Noticing some of my comic industry friends posting on the various social media sites on how they think 2012 will be "their year". I have said similar regarding my own creative goals. The industry is only so big and theoretically there is only so much "success" to go around. I would like to officially say to all my creative peers that I truly hope this is your year!!! I hope you achieve new levels of success and get from 2012 all that you hope to, regardless of how my year turns out, I hope you are given your goals. Please keep posting and keep building this industry. Also keep in touch and let me know how you're doing with everything and I will do my best to promote, support, and assist you all as best I can. Let us, together, make 2012 year the best in independent comic book history!!!